Top 10 Anti-Hero Anime

Top 10 Anti-Hero Anime

Top 10 Anti-Hero Anime

There are many characters in the world of anime who seem to always risk their lives to protect their loved ones. However, seeing the same heroic traits in every single protagonist can get quite boring. Thankfully, there are many anti-hero anime that give us an amazing protagonist with a diverse personality.

Today, I have created a list of the best anti-hero anime which give us some of the most brilliantly written characters. Not all of these characters are pure evil, but they are not very heroic either.

Before we get started with this list, let me educate you guys regarding the true nature of an anti-hero!

What is an anti-hero?

An anti-hero is a character who is not necessarily evil, but he/she is usually quite selfish. These characters lack any heroic traits as they don’t care about the good of other people.

10. 91 Days (Angelo Lagusa)

91 Days (Angelo Lagusa)

91 Days is an utterly dark anime with an anti-hero protagonist that is set during the prohibition era. This masterwork has amazing art and animation, and it has also been dubbed into English. This anime shows us a revenge story that revolves around Angelo Lagusa. As a kid, Angelo saw his younger brother and parents getting mercilessly slaughtered by the Vanetti mafia family. Somehow, the poor little boy survives this traumatic experience and runs away.

After 7 years, Angelo comes back in town with a new name and a new identity. Angelo starts to gain the trust of the Vanetti family in order to get revenge for the death of his loved ones. 91 Days is a must-watch tragic anime that will definitely leave you in tears.

Angelo Lagusa:

Angelo is not evil, but he lacks all the defining traits of a real hero. The boy’s heart has been scarred for life because of the traumatic experience from his childhood. With his loveable personality and charming looks, Angelo will easily become one of your favorite characters!

9. The Saga of Tanya the Evil (Tanya Degurechaff)

The Saga of Tanya the Evil (Tanya Degurechaff)

The Saga of Tanya the Evil is a unique isekai anime that gives us something fresh and extremely enjoyable. This anime has been animated by studio Nut, and it totally captivates us with its stunning visuals. This anime portrays the story of Tanya Degurechaff, who is a ruthless soldier. This girl is pure evil, and she obliterates all of her enemies; her personality even earned her the nickname “Devil of the Rhine.”

Tanya might have the body of a little girl, but she has the soul of a cunning businessman. Before this businessman died, he challenged a self-proclaimed God whom he refers to as Being X to a battle. As the whole world is suffering from war, Tanya and Being X are constantly trying to come out on top.

Tanya Degurechaff:

Tanya is literally the loli version of Hitler that exists in the world of anime. This ruthless soldier is extremely strong and selfish. Tanya always gets what she wants, and she is pure evil as she does not even care about her comrades. This devil also has a very charismatic and manipulative personality.

8. Jormungand (Jonathan Mar)


Jormungand is a very chaotic anime that will take you on a deadly thrill ride. This anime has an exciting story that will always keep you at the edge of your seat as you’ll be dying with anticipation. Jormungand has extremely fluid and beautiful animation, and the art style is also quite decent. The story of this anime takes place in a rotten and conflict-ridden world. Because of the brutal environment that he was brought up in, Jonathon Mar hates all kinds of weapons and the people who deal them. However, due to an unexpected turn of events, Jonathon becomes one of the bodyguards of Koko Hekmetyar. This child is forced to pick up a weapon in order to protect this woman and her unrealistic goal of creating world peace.

Jonathan Mar:

Despite the fact that he is just a little kid, this guy has a very diverse personality. Jonathan does not try to be heroic, and he just does what he is told to do. As the show progresses, we see how the personality of our brave little man develops, and he starts to truly understand how this world works.

7. Inuyashiki (Hiro Shishigami)

Inuyashiki (Hiro Shishigami)

Inuyashiki is a cyborg anime that shows us the story of two individuals, who are given the same superpowers. Ichirou Inuyashiki uses his powers to help others and make Earth a better place. Whilst Hiro Shishigami uses his powers to wreak havoc and becomes a serial killer. This brilliantly crafted anime shows us how two strangers approach the exact same destiny! While studio MAPPA has done a pretty good job with this anime, some 3D CGI scenes can seem a bit stale. However, overall, this anime is a very decent watch, and you will probably watch it in a single sitting.

Hiro Shishigami:

Hiro has a very weird personality as he doesn’t have many friends, and he lives alone with his mother. Once this guy gets the cyborg abilities, he doesn’t hesitate to kill innocent people just to feed his boredom. This guy starts by causing accidents and irritating other people, but he quickly evolves into a serial killer as he gets more and more curious. This anti-hero is definitely one of the evilest anime characters on my list!

6. Black Lagoon (Revy)

Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon is another action-filled anime on my list, and it is a little similar to Jormungand. This anime takes a brand-new approach towards action anime as it shows us a rotten world through the eyes of a normal businessman. Black Lagoon has amazing and swift animation that will totally fascinate you, and the story of this anime takes tons of twists and turns. The plot of this anime follows Rokurou Okajima, who is just a simple businessman. This guy gets kidnapped by a band of mercenaries called the Black Lagoon. These mercenaries plan on using Rokurou as a bargaining chip, but their scheme doesn’t work in the end. Now, being stuck with these guys, Rokurou decides to join this group in order to survive.


Yea, I know I didn’t even mention Revy in the plot of this anime. This is because Revy is the secondary protagonist of the anime who helps Rokurou survive. Revy is a total badass with totally lethal skills. This woman is an anti-heroin with a dark past, and she knows how this world operates.

5. Berserk (Guts)


This series never really got a proper anime adaption, but it is still extremely popular all over the world. Berserk is an awesome series which follows the story of our favorite tragic swordsman, Guts. Only the 1997 anime adaption of Berserk is worth watching, but it can look quite outdated compared to the modern shows. Berserk follows the story of a former mercenary, who is now known as the Black Swordsman. Guts’ life is filled with complexities as death follows him wherever he goes. This man is out to get revenge from the person who took away all of the happiness in his life. Berserk is a must-read manga series that all of you need to check out!


Guts is an anti-hero who has a very horrifying and tragic past that turned him into a monster. This guy got betrayed by the one person whom he trusted more than anyone else, and this started his journey for revenge. Guts carries a huge and intimidating sword and slaughters anyone who comes in his way.

4. Cowboy Bebop (Spike Spiegel)

Cowboy Bebop
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (2001) Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, Hiroyuki Okiura Shown: Spike Spiegel

Cowboy Bebop is an action-filled classic with light-hearted comedy. This anime aired all the way back in 1998, but it is still loved by fans thanks to its quirky story, and amazing art style. The story of Cowboy Bebop takes place in the year 2071. In the world of this anime, humanity has colonized tons of other planets and moons, and technology has progressed by leaps and bounds. The plot of this anime revolves around a group of charismatic people who make a living by hunting bounties. These outlaw bounty hunters are known as Cowboys, and their lives are filled with adventures.

Spike Spiegel:

Spike is our main protagonist in Cowboy Bebop, and this futuristic cowboy charms every single person with his mysterious personality. Spike Spiegel is a very strange anti-hero and a capable fighter. Spike seems like a very laidback and lazy person, but he is ready to help anyone in need. Whether he admits it or not, Spike is a very good person at heart, and he always looks out for his comrades.

3. Hellsing Ultimate (Alucard)

Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate is a pretty brutal and horrifying show that is going to be an entertaining watch for all of you. Every single episode of this masterwork is packed to the brim with amazing and gore-filled fights that will keep your eyes glued to the screen. The animation and art style of this anime are quite unique, and thanks to the amazing twists and turns in the story, you won’t find a single dull moment. The plot of this anime revolves around the Godlike vampire named Alucard, who fights and kills his own kind in order to protect an organization called Hellsing. Hellsing is an organization that wants to slaughter every single creature of darkness that plagues Earth. Being the ultimate weapon of Hellsing, Alucard exterminates every foe that dares to stand in his way without any remorse.


Alucard is a monster who lives for the sole purpose of killing other monsters. This demonic vampire has overwhelming strength, and he is not afraid to use it. Alucard is an anti-hero as he does not really care about doing the right thing. This vampire killing-machine loves to exterminate any foe who stands in his path.

2. Code Geass (Lelouch Vi Britannia)

Code Geass

With its fast-paced mecha action sequences and amazing strategical confrontations, Code Geass is going to quickly become one of your favorite anime. The animation of this anime is pretty fluid and attractive; however, the art style can seem a bit strange in the start. The story of this anime is going to serve you with peak excitement as it is completely unpredictable. The plot of this anime is set in an alternate universe in which Japan has been taken over by the Holy Empire of Britannia. Britannia has stripped the Japanese people of their rights in their own country. Our protagonist is a young boy named Lelouch, who wants to get revenge from his father. Lelouch’s father, Emperor Charles Zi Britannia, abandoned him and his sister after the death of their mother. Now, this young boy is going to wage war against the entire empire of Britannia using his special power known as the Geass.

Lelouch Vi Britannia:

Lelouch is one of the most brilliantly written characters in the world of anime, and we just can’t help but fall in love with him. This guy is an anti-hero who uses the Japanese people to achieve his own goal. As the show progresses, Lelouch slowly becomes a better person.

1. Death Note (Light Yagami)

Death Note

Death Note is a brilliantly animated masterwork by Studio Madhouse. This anime is hailed as a classic, and it has managed to become the favorite of many fans all over the world. Death Note is a psychological anime that gets us hooked from the very first episode. This anime has a cast of amazing and memorable character that makes it a huge success. Death Note follows the story of a young boy named Light who is given the power of a Death God. Light finds a mysterious notebook which kills any person whose name is written in it. Light decides to use this notebook to kill criminals all over the world and make this world a better place. Light has embarked on a very dark path as he plans on becoming the God of the new world.

Light Yagami:

Light is a prideful genius who thinks of other people as pawns. As he becomes more and more insane, this guy stops hesitating or feeling remorse for his crimes. With his ultimate resolve, Light plans to rid this world of everything evil, but is he really doing the right thing? This dark anime character is going to make you question your own sanity!

What is your favorite Anti-hero Anime?

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