How to use ps4 controller on ps2


Have you ever wanted to use your new PS4 controllers with your old PS2? Well, you can.

There are many ways to connect your ps4 controller to your ps2 console. One of them is using a Brook Super Converter, namely the “BROOK PS3/PS4 to PS2 GAME CONTROLLER SUPER CONVERTER”.

This super converter from Brook allows users to use their PS4 controllers when playing games on PS2.

How do you connect your PS4 controller to your PS2 with Brook Super Converter?

Luckily, it’s super easy to use. You barely need any instructions at all. You simply connect your PS4 controller to one end of the Super Converter and the other end connects to your PS2. As simple as that!

Does it need to be jailbroken to work?

Short answer is no, it does not need to be jailbroken. Brook Super Converters are simple plug and play accessories and are completely approved to be used along with various gaming consoles. There has never been any statement from Sony or any other games company about this being something frowned upon or even illegal. So, don’t worry about that.

Are Brook Super Converters bad for my console?

Nope, the Brook Super Converters have no negative impact on either of your gaming consoles. Because of the light-weight nature and plug and play features of Brook Super Converters, there is no impact on the processing power of your consoles.

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