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Gingko tree at Sui Shrine, Tokyo


Ginkgo biloba, also known as the ginkgo or gingko tree, is a unique species of tree with no living close relatives. It is native to China and is one of the oldest living tree species, with a fossil record dating back 270 million years. The ginkgo tree is known for its distinctive fan-shaped leaves and its ability to withstand environmental stress and pollution. It is also prized for its medicinal properties and is commonly used in traditional medicine in Asia.

Ginkgo trees are known for their graceful, open canopy and their ability to grow to be quite large, with some specimens reaching over 100 feet in height. They are popular as ornamental trees and are often planted in gardens and along streets. Ginkgo trees are deciduous, meaning they lose their leaves in the fall, and they have a distinctive yellow color when they do so.

The ginkgo tree is a popular subject in art and literature, and it is often associated with spiritual and cultural significance in various cultures. It is also the official tree of Tokyo, Japan. In addition to its cultural and aesthetic value, the ginkgo tree is also used for a variety of practical purposes. The seeds of the ginkgo tree, known as ginkgo nuts, are edible and are used in traditional dishes in some parts of Asia. The leaves of the ginkgo tree are also used to extract a compound called ginkgolide, which is used in the production of medications to treat a variety of conditions, including memory loss and circulatory disorders.

Sarah Kendahl
Hi there! My name is Sarah and I just love photography, especially of Japan! That's why I have decided to post pics of Japan in the category "Japan Pics" on Tokyoreviews.com for all of you to enjoy! The pics I post may be taken by me, a friend, a family member or just someone on a social media platform.

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